Avoiding 21st Century Medical Conditions

Society today has created a lazy attitude much different to past decades where if you did not make the effort you just did not eat. Today everything can be delivered to your door from ready to eat meals to clothing; unlike previously when everything required meant a trip to the shops now it's just a matter of click and wait. This is all very well but it is the hard work that previous generations had to endure that kept them fit.

Many people see retirement as an excuse to do as little as possible regardless of how many pounds they are likely to put on. It is for this reason that obesity has become a major concern as surplus weight accompanies a multitude of life threatening medical conditions some of which are easily avoidable. Since most people have become aware of the illnesses that can be brought about by smoking, the number of smokers has reduced considerably in many countries.

However, there are many serious ailments that are triggered by inactivity especially in the over 65s. One of the most worrying is hypertension or high blood pressure which is known as the "silent killer" because there are no warnings or symptoms. Generally, the only way to find out if you are a victim is to have your blood pressure checked by a medical professional. Failure to do so could risk a heart attack or stroke; both of which could be fatal.

Long spells of inactivity will result in weight gain usually increasing your waistline, initially. Over a period of time this alters a person's stance and posture adding pressure to the spine causing acute back pain. It is not until a person suffers this type of pain that they realize how important their back is in their everyday life.

Obesity often creates a number of serious and sometimes life threatening conditions. In addition, as a person's weight increases, vital organs could be forced out-of-place which would result in extra exertion to carry out an organ's essential bodily function and could lead to further serious problems.

Another worrying medical problem is diabetes and the number of people suffering from this has increased rapidly in recent years and continues to do so. If left untreated it could dramatically result in the necessity of limb amputation. Dependent upon the type of diabetes a person has, the treatment can range from a lifetime of taking medication or undergoing a regular self- injection program: all very unpleasant but in many cases avoidable.

It should also be remembered that many medications and treatments have side effects which can be as unpleasant as the illness itself. This is why prevention is much better than cure and why remaining active is necessary. Regular weight checking by using measuring scales is vital in your mission to lose weight and keep as fit as possible.

by Rod C Dunn


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