Can Long Standing Injuries Be Healed?

When we often think of going to see a doctor we think of what is currently affecting us, and what symptoms are being presented. Over time, if we cannot seem to find the right path to healing for a particular ailment, we often become resigned to living with it as if it is incurable.

We tolerate the pain or discomfort and go through our daily lives the best we can.

The truth is that health is our natural state.

The body will try everything with what it has to work with in order to survive and do it the best that it can. This can be true in injuries, where the gate or movement is thrown off, other body parts will overcompensate to try to even you out. Over time that can cause undue wear and tear on your body as a whole. It also holds true in nutritional deficiency. The body will begin to try to pull what it needs internally, even from bone and organs which can cause a host of problems.

If you are experiencing chronic ongoing health issues that feel like a puzzle you simply cannot solve, you are likely frustrated and about at a point where you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up.

Western medicine is often quite good for diagnostic; it isn't quite as successful when it comes to successful curing treatments. Choosing to go the natural route and work with your body instead of against it, trying to cover symptoms with medications, is where many who have previously failed, may indeed succeed.

Through a combination of nutrition and chiropractic realignments you can allow your nervous system to restore its natural function and your body to be replenished with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients it may be missing. Nutritional Response Testing can be utilized to find out what exactly you are deficient in if you have elevated toxicity levels that need to be cleared or any other personalized issues that are coming into play.

While healing isn't instant, you will begin to notice results fairly quickly as your body is given back the power to restore itself.

Older injuries may take more time to heal. But don't give up. You didn't develop them overnight. Sometimes scar tissue has built up, degeneration has occurred, and inflammation is present – all must be addressed. Visiting your local Nutrition Specialist & Chiropractor will get you back on the road to recovery.

by Dr. Gary Gendron


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