Create A Schedule

Being consistent is key in living a healthy lifestyle. An easy way to create consistency is by making a schedule for yourself. A lot of times we use the excuse "I don't have time" when it comes to eating healthy and working out. In order to have time for the things that we deem important we must make time. Write down your schedule for the week and find an extra hour or so a day to fit the gym in your schedule. The number of times you decide to go to the gym a week is totally dependent upon what you feel is best for you. Writing this down in your schedule is just the first step.

Try following your schedule for 2 whole weeks without missing a workout. Were the times convenient? Was it easy to follow the schedule? Figure out what works best for you and STICK TO IT. Along with scheduling workouts it is very important to schedule meals. Find a day in your weekly schedule where you have a few hours of free time. Use this time to go to the grocery store and buy healthy, tasty foods that can be prepped for meals that you can take on the go. Cooking and preparing these meals only takes a couple hours, give or take, and can be vital to a successful diet. If you want to be even more organized label your meals! A lot of us live very busy lifestyles and don't always have the time to cook healthy meals. Having your daily meal packed and ready to go for you is a great way to keep your diet consistent. Plan out your week and create time to prepare healthy meals for yourself along with time to hit the gym.

I have learned that from past experiences, I won't be sure to get anything done unless I write it down or come up with some type of daily schedule to get used to something. IT is important that I visually see what I need to be getting done in a day or a week or even in a month. Making time for all of these important things is so much easier to do when I already have it planned out. It's kind of hard to make excuses for not getting things done when you had them written out right in front of you the whole time.

by Maddie Williams


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