Go Fishing In Canada

Just the thought of fishing in Canada is enough to make any avid fisherman's pulse increase. And for good reason, Canada has some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers teeming with fish on the face of the earth. It is no wonder that fishermen from around the globe descend upon Canada to satisfy their fishing fix.

Most of Canada's lakes and rivers always have an abundance and wide variety of fish in them. What fisherman in his right mind would not want to have a shot at that? And obviously while Canada is known as a fishing gem there are some areas that are more popular than others. We cannot possibly go into all of those places in the span of this article; however, we are going to focus on one particular spot.

And that place is none other than the beautiful French River in Ontario. This river is an absolute jewel with majestic beauty and breathtaking natural wonders. One advantage it has over the major lakes is that it is not as pounded upon as they are, thereby resulting in an abundance of fish. And believe me, there is a whole lot to choose from here.

We are talking about all-time favorites such as walleye, Muskie, northern pike, small and large bass, catfish, crappy, salmon, Sturgeon and so much more. The focus of this article is about fishing in Canada and the French River in particular. However, it is important to note that the French River is also very popular with hunters. And for people who just want a plain old vacation in a beautiful place.

Most of the resorts along the river offer a full array of things to do. Like hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, berry picking, golfing at nearby courses, relaxing on quiet sandy beaches and camping along the riverfront. This is very important because even though you yourself may be coming to fish on the French River, if you are traveling as a family some members may not be so keen on fishing. These available activities allow them to stay occupied and happy while you are busy indulging in your fishing fixation.

And regarding the lodging available along the river, there are some great selections to choose from. For the most part, they are very well run, serve great meals, have great customer service and offer a wide variety of activities and entertainment. So if you are thinking about fishing in Canada on an upcoming vacation then it is highly recommended that you head on over to the French River in Ontario and treat yourself to a well deserved great vacation.

by Tom P. Dowling


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