How to End Sugar Craving

How do I end sugar cravings?

Most individuals have fought the sugar cravings challenge. Even after getting information about negative impacts of sugar, the thought of eliminating or reducing your sugar consumption seems to be an impossible and outrageous feat.

Phasing out sugar from your diet can be easy with the support of nourishing whole foods plus an array of alternative natural sugars. Withdrawal symptoms will pass once the sugar is completely gone. This will make the body achieve health and balance. When your immune system lacks sugar, it will be stronger, your moods and energy will be more stable, and the cravings will fade away.

Phasing the Sugar Out

Even though getting freed from the sugar addiction is challenging, it is deeply rewarding. Phasing sugar from your diet improves both the immediate and long-term health, moods and energy stability. This will help your enjoy tastes and pleasure of nourishing foods.

It is imperative to approach elimination of sugar from your diet for the sake of self-care and self-love rather than punishment. Naturally, human beings have a preference of sweetness when it comes to food. However, as sugar addiction reduces, the body re-establishes its natural harmony.

Tips for phasing out sugar craving

1. Adjusting to milder sweets

The use of excessively refined sweets increases your desire and tolerance for sweets to unhealthy standards. Making a choice of mild natural sweeteners allows your body readjust and free you from the cycles of sugar. The adjustment will help you start enjoying natural sugar-free desserts.

2. Eating whole fruits and sweet veggies

A fresh ripe fruit is a good example of a sweet, whole food. When eaten this was, the natural sugars in the fruit possess the exact minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fiber combinations that the body requires for digestion and utilization. Natural vegetables like parsnips, yams, beets and carrots also offer similar benefits. When you eat them regularly, the mellow sweet flavors helps in curbing sugar cravings.

3. Chewing well

Always eat complex carbohydrates and grains well. They usually release natural sweetness for calming the nervous system which alleviates the excess desire for sweets.

4. Balancing yin and yang

In China, the Yin and Yang are the main elements for balancing your body. Everything we eat will affect the balance. Eating foods from the middle of the spectrum ensures that the balance remains stable. Cheese, meat, and salty foods are always on the yang end of the range while sugar, alcohol, and coffee are yin. Many people struggle to balance the two ends of this spectrum. Vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and beans are in the middle of the range. A steady diet will support the yin/yang balance of the body and help in freeing the sugar cravings.

5. Drinking a lot of water

The most common cause of cravings is dehydration. Whenever you have an urge to grab something sweet, take a glass of water instead. Rehydrating is an excellent way to intercept cravings and bring back a healthy balance.

6. Exercise and breathe intensely

Sugar cravings can result from having too much acid in your body. Exercising and breathing intensely changes the PH of the body to alkaline. This technique is helpful by keeping the blood in motion and taking your mind off cravings.

Sugar craving is a way of informing you that the body is out balanced or is missing something. The sugar craving is very common as a result of the modern food supply. The key to getting out of this craving is stopping to think about sugar, and starting to think of other activities such as playing and taking whole foods.

by Joshua Osore


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