Natural Well Being – Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well Being

When it comes to healing naturally and experiencing a continuous state of well being there are three major aspects you need to look at. Most people focus on the body and the body alone. This is a mistake. Human beings have three different aspects that need to be in alignment in order to heal and feel good naturally.

These three different aspects are the body, the mind and the inner being or what many call the soul. All of these aspects have to be attended to in order to achieve continuous well being. The body is actually the least important when it comes to these three aspects. The mind and the soul/inner being will heal the body if in alignment. The mind will destroy the body and the soul/inner being will be helpless to do anything if your not in alignment with it. The soul/inner being will keep the mind strong and clear and focused on what's good in the world and will provide positive healing energy if in alignment. The mind and body struggle and decline without the inspirations, hope and positivity provided by the soul.

So when it comes to healing and well being or anything for that matter the soul needs to come first. Were going to go over the three different aspects regarding well being and how to get in touch with them and how to get them working together.

So lets start with the body. When the body feels good the mind is clear and is able to have a stronger connection with the soul. You will see that all of these are interconnected. What's good for the body is good for the mind and soul. What's good for the soul is good for the body and mind etc. Were going to go over how to attend to the body, mind and soul/inner being and I suggest that you don't take these techniques lightly. No matter how simplistic they sound they are very effective.

So some of the things that are good for the body are walking, basic exercise (stretches, crunches, pushups etc.) Start with the basics and add to your routine. When you walk make sure to do it when the sun is out. Detox your body and eat organic food. Eat food that is as close to nature as possible. There are many ways to detox your body. Natural healing and well being has a site with everything you need.

As far as the mind is concerned it needs exercise every day just as the body needs food every day. Start with books, good music, preferably classical, brainwave entertainment, hypnosis and contemplate when you think. Reading and meditating are the most important things when it comes to the mind. We will get in to meditating in the soul/inner being section as they are interconnected.

The most important part of the soul/inner being is to feel good. All of the techniques described in the body and mind section help you feel good so make sure to do them. Meditation is a very important aspect when it comes to feeling good and maintaining a strong connection with your soul. The soul/inner being is your guidance system. It not only provides you with energy, comfort and love but it provides you with profound insight. It will guide you if you allow it to instruct your mind. Some other things you can do when it comes to the soul are energy clearings/healings and TFT (thought field therapy), yoga, camping, hiking, spending time with friends and family and playing with pets, working on your dreams, dancing, laughing, smiling etc.

It's imperative that you are mindful to the soul/inner being. It will inspire the actions needed for your mind and body. Figure out what makes you happy and start applying the techniques mentioned in this article and you will be on the path to natural healing and well being and will feel incredibly good in no time.

by Brian D Whitney


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