Sinusitis: What Causes Sinus? Do You Suffer From It?

When the arteries and veins of the sinuses swell and expand, there is nasal congestion and sinus which becomes worse as days pass by. A lot of unwanted material thus remains entrapped in the nasal passage resulting in blockage like mucus, air and pus. A person having this sinus problem experiences pain and extreme discomfort and the pain usually starts from under the eye region and moves towards the jaw and can also be mistaken as either a headache or toothache.

Sinus be caused due to many reasons like allergies, bacterial, fungal and viral infections and the mucus that accumulates in the nasal passage and inflames the nose. Also, people experience runny nose along with headache and jaw ache and also fever and flu, sometimes along with bad breath as the nasal lined with thick secretions and becomes a cause to congestion. If these conditions are not treated at the right time, serious complications can develop.

Although, because of the advancing science and technology, there are many antibiotics and medicines that can help in reducing this problem. However, these medicines if used for a prolonged time can really be threatening as these medicines can also have an adverse effect on your health and well-being. Therefore, there are some natural remedies for relieving sinus problems and they can work positively and can help in the removal of this problem.

Cause For Nasal Congestion:

Nasal congestion can occur when a person is allergic to something or has a kind of allergic reaction. It can also be caused from flu, fever and influenza. Some people tend being allergic to hay, pollen and grass, and this type of allergy is known as hay-fever. Some medications and antibiotics can as well result in nasal congestion. Sinus infection in a person is the major cause of nasal congestion. There are different names what nasal congestion is given, such as stuffed nose, stuffy nose, nasal blockage, nasal obstruction, blocked nose etc.

If not treated properly at its early stage, nasal congestion can become dangerous.

Not only it blocks the nose and hinders our smelling sense, but also it can interfere with our ears, hearing ability and thus can also make it difficult for us to deliver an eloquent speech. During sleep, a person who has nasal congestion is likely to snore and can also result in breathing difficulty which arises when there is lack of oxygen levels, and this can affect the working of the heart too, resulting in heart dysfunction.

Surgery is a treatment option which can help overcome this problem as the doctors remove tonsils and adenoids, which can cause a great deal of discomfort in a person's life, with frequent complains of facial and head pain. Although, an operation should always be the very last option as any operation is a risk factor.

Sinus Natural Remedies

One major step to treating sinus problems through natural means is the nasal irrigation method in which the inflaming nasal passage is rinsed and all the allergy developing materials and pollen as well as other bacteria are effectively removed from the nasal passage.

Another treatment for sinus is inhaling of steam. Breath in steam vapor, steam inhalation will break up thick mucus. Essential oils can help infection.

A few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, oregano, sweet basil or peppermint oil in steamy hot water can give excellent results. Put a towel over your head and inhale the steam. Or you can use a humidifier by adding a few drops of any of the oils to the water.

Horseradish will help to clear up mucus from your nose as well congestion from the chest. Use a chunk of horseradish root, grind or use rasp and shred fine. Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar, less or more depending on the amount of horseradish, add one tablespoon of water. Pinch of natural salt or to your own taste. Stir the ingredients together. Eat one teaspoon of this three times a day. Refrigerate the rest in a glass jar.

The most efficient way to end this sinus problem and prevent its recurrence is to kill the allergy or sinus causing agents present in the nasal passage and also take care of your immunity system. This is why people mostly opt for natural remedies. Working on your nasal passage by alternate hot and cold compressing is also effective and repeatedly done five or six times a day can really ease your problem.

Apple cider vinegar: Add about three tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water and drink two to three times per day. As well apple cider vinegar has many other benefits besides reliving sinus pressure.

Airborne allergens in the house such as animal dander, dust, mold as well as carpet which is one of the worst culprits.


Inflammation and congestion of the sinus can come from a dietary irritant like gluten, dairy, sugar and many other artificial additives in processed foods. Medical profession treats sinus infection with antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory medication, and even surgery. Most of these treatments have a high potential to become more harmful than not.

by Josef Bichler


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