Unravel The Truth of Popular Myths About Hydration

The summer feels awesome after winter being spent curled up under the comfort of the fluffy quilt. Now back on the regular schedule of maintaining a health regimen with the regular walks or run from your sports camp or house. In between, there is no escape from the dehydration.

As we know, 60 percent of the human body is water, and that too is for the wellness of the health. Yet, we see most of the people suffer dehydration, especially the people associated with sports. Much to your surprise, this mere problem as you call it, may lead to diseases like headaches, laxity in exercises, combined with kidney and heart disorders.

It is quite intimidating that when you try to overcome this disorder, you face hurdles. Popular myths about hydration are long discussed. But, it is time to explore how much are they true?

Hydration subsides with a sip of Coffee

Your hydration health deteriorates as you sip the morning cup of coffee. The caffeine in the coffee acts as the killer for your health and leads you to an extreme need to be hydrated. This is what long believed. But, recent study shows that if you can sip caffeinated Joe cup coffee as little as four cups, it does the wonders just like water. As per the expert dietician and nutritionist, as you spend your night-sleeping, your hydration health remains at low-level in the morning. Hence, there is nothing wrong if you want one or two cups of coffee after you get off your bed in the morning. Besides, coffee helps in reducing weight.

Drink Only When You Are Thirsty

Thinking you are well hydrated as you don't feel thirsty is a wrong perception. Thirst is much like sunburns that is visible when it reaches the level of infinity. Dehydration can impact your health by 2-3% of your body weight prior to the actual thirst acts. It is more relevant to people with older age who measure hydration level with thirstiness.

Gauge the level of well hydrated health by checking the color of your urine. The pale and clear urine symbolizes the better hydrated health while the frequent number of urination every few hours also signals well-hydrated health.

8 Glasses of Water for Every Day

The number cannot guarantee you a well-hydrated health. The needs of every person differ based on age and sex. Apart from these, there are other factors too, such as pregnancy, including that of lactation. Remember, intake of liquid does not always need to be in the form of water. It can come from the food. Plant-based diet is beneficial in this regard. And add to this, fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon, star fruit and celery can replenish your beverage needs.

Too Much Water is Good

The concentration of electrolytes can be diluted by intake of too much water. As a result, you may face a life-threatening condition for low sodium levels in blood. Balancing electrolytes are important. If you consume more water than your body weight, it could result in death. Hence, manage a well-maintained water intake of only 2-3 cups per hour.

Sports Drinks are Ultimate

Sports drinks contain the goodness of electrolyte properties, helping in preventing tiredness, nausea, spasm in muscles and others. However, remember, this physical condition happens only when you sweat too much for too much physical workout. And this is where you really need a good sport drink. But, just a physical workout for a couple of minutes does not need any kind of sport drinks. And if you still prefer sport drinks to just a plain water, you end up gaining weight.

by Deepa Majumder


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