What to Buy at Fishing Stores

Before you head to fishing stores, be sure to make a list. In order to catch the most trout, catfish, or flounder, you have to bring the right equipment. With the right tools and apparel, you'll have a successful outing on the pier or boat. The following are a few items you can pick up from your local shop to help you get started.

Rods and Reels

There are plenty of rods and reels to choose from at your local fishing store. They range in price from under $25 to over $150. These sporting goods come in a variety of materials, too. You can select equipment made from aluminum, titanium, metal, or stainless steel. Some are designed to be heavy-duty while others are fairly lightweight travel models.

Tackle Box

Being well organized requires a compartmentalized tackle box. You can purchase boxes made from plastic, metal, or canvas. You can choose small containers with just enough room for a few lures and hooks, or buy a four or five drawer container with enough space for every trick in the book. The fish won't stand a chance against that sort of arsenal.


You'll have to buy fresh bait, lures, flies, and streamers while you're at your local shop. You can even buy electronic gadgets such as sonar sensors in order to find the best spots in the lake or creek.


There are several items of clothing that every fisherman must have. A hat to keep out the sun is one necessity, along with a pair of quality sunglasses. You'll want comfortable pants, shirts, and shoes, and a waterproof pair of waders to wear into the water. The waterproofing equipment you need will depend on your personal preference and sport.


Another item that's an absolute necessity is a license to pull the catch of the day out of the water. You don't want to run into trouble with the law. Most bait shops and fishing stores sell licenses that are good for specific periods of time.

Before you head out for a day on the water, take the time to stop at one of the local fishing stores to pick up everything you need. It's best to make a comprehensive list before you shop so that you don't forget anything. You might also want to pick up some sunscreen and a good cookbook to learn how to cook your catch for the dinner table back at home.

by Andrew Stratton


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